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Vince d'Entremont


Vince d'Entremont is an Acadian who was born and raised in West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He spent 20 years earning a living as a fisherman before starting V.H. d'Entremont Welding Services Limited, in 2000. This devoted father and husband is often seen around the local wharf, or in one of the nearby fishing communities.


V.H. d'Entremont Welding Services Limited has been operating in and around Southwest Nova since 2000. This marine services business, owned and operated by Vincent d'Entremont, offers mobile welding services, fabrication and repair of aluminum and stainless steel services, mostly to the fishing industry. Marine hardware retail has been added, along with plastic welding services (repairing of plastic fish boxes). V.H. d’Entremont now makes and repairs floating docks. Please contact V.H. d'Entremont Welding Services Limited at anytime for all of your mobile, welding, marine, repair and fabrication needs.

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