plastic bin

V.H. d'Entremont Welding Services Limited provides many welding services such as:

MIG Welding

If you are just looking to fill areas or add strength to a material, mig welding is a perfect option. We offer this all position welding which has the ability to join stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, and other alloys.

Plastic Welding

This common process for joining plastics allows us to repair plastic fish boxes, lobster crates or other plastic products.

TIG Welding

Spot welding aluminum requires a high level of skill for your custom projects. When you require a more precise weld, tig welding is available to our customers.

Mobile Welding

We offer the convenience of mobile welding. We will come to the job when the job can't come to us. We are set up with the proper mobile equipment to meet your welding needs.